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As a United Kingdom national Alison was concerned about the impact of Brexit on her and her family’s ability to continue to live in Spain. In a conversation with a friend, she mentioned that her grandmother was from Ireland.

“That makes you eligible for an Irish passport!”

And with that simple sentence was born. We started thinking about where else in the world we could live. Until there wasn’t one single place to quickly access that list of countries based on official, current, and accurate information; now delivers this to you and more. We have spent thousands of hours analysing the immigration criteria of the world’s 190 plus countries to bring you information based on birth, descent, partner sponsorship, cross country agreements, retirement, annual income and investment migration.

We believe that travel opens your eyes to the world and that experiencing a new country enriches both the newcomer and the host. At we passionately believe we can help people to unlock their futures.


Alison Johnson Alison Johnson

Alison struggles with the simple question “Where do you come from?”. She has lived in 7 countries on 4 continents in her life and never stops thinking about the next adventure or place to travel to. Four passports has been key to the freedom she has to travel and live in many amazing places. She spent the last 20 plus years working in Technology and Banking but has now made a career change to managing this great company. When she is not working on, you can find her on the beaches just south of Barcelona in Spain with her son and husband, scuba diving or trying to make a difference in marine conservation.

Ian Ryder Ian Ryder

Ian has lived and worked in London, Sydney and now just south of Barcelona, along with his wife and three boys. When the prospect arose to help build into a business that would assist others to access the same sorts of opportunities that he had been given, he couldn't resist! Ian spent 12 years working in corporations before founding his own technology company in 2001. From there it grew to have offices on both sides of the world, developing software used by some of the biggest brands in the world. In 2015 Ian and his family moved to the Barcelona area where he can now be found enjoying everything this wonderful part of the world offers, whilst at the same time helping people to unlock travel and a new exciting future through


Thanks for taking all the effort out of what would've been never-ending research into finding out what options we have in regard to immigration. It's exciting that countries we never would have considered are on the list... it's challenged us to consider all the options which makes for great conversation! Thanks - what a great resource for all us citizens of the world. :)

Maya G

I really was worried about Brexit until a friend told me about As it turned out, my great grandfather was born in Italy and I can stay in Europe - I would have never known without

Juliet R

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