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19 August, 2017

(Note: you will need to be in Australia to watch the full video)

We enjoyed talking to the hosts on the Channel 9 Today Breakfast Show in Australia about the benefits of dual citizenship and opportunities that many people do not know about.

16 July, 2017

Immigration Insider covers wherecani.live

"www.wherecani.live, a recently launched online platform that lets visitors see where they currently have a right to reside based on nationality, ancestry and residence permits, and how they could increase their options in the future by investing in second passports or visas, has been on a rapid upward trend on social media recently."

28 July, 2017

Dual citizenship is great, unless you're a politician

"It seems amazing that at least three, and possibly more in the near future, Australian politicians have been forced to resign positions due to holding dual citizenship ..."

03 July, 2017

Introducing wherecani.live

wherecani.live launches, making it easy to discover where you can live!