5 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancies

5 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancies

As humans, we are always searching for ways to stay healthy and live longer. In these 5 countries, the life expectancy is the highest in the world. Life expectancy can often be attributed to: levels of stress, access to healthcare, wealth, weather, and several other factors. If you’re looking to move to a country where life is great, healthcare comes easy, and stress is not an everyday occurrence, you may want to look into living in one of these long-life havens.

5. Australia. Life Expectancy: 82.8 (tie)

Girl and Kangaroo in Australia rated great life expectancy

Kangaroos, didgeridoos, koalas, and of course the Outback. Australia is known for its cuddly creatures, and also some of the world’s deadliest critters. Despite the creepy crawlies you may find in your backyard, Australians live long and prosperous lives. In addition to living long lives, Australia ranks 2nd overall in quality of life in the world. They also rank 3rd in environmental protection, after all they need to keep that beautiful reef in tact! Perhaps it’s the sun, the love of sport, or the care-free attitude which attributes to the long living Aussies.

Key points:

Temperament. Sunny, relaxed and laid back. Aussies love a good laugh, a cold pint and a good story. You will find fast friends in the Aussies.

Food. Although Australian cuisine has its roots in Europe, modern Australian cuisine almost always adds a sweet, sour delicious Asian twist they borrow from their South East Asian neighbours.   If it is not Australian cuisine you’re after, Foodies will find the options endless in Australia’s big cities.  Weekends are often filled with a backyard BBQ complete with seafood on the barbie (especially prawns)!

Activities: It’s hard to get bored in Australia, adventure is easily accessible with snorkeling, sky diving, white water rafting, and more.

To find out how you can live in Australia visit our Australia page 

4. Spain. Life Expectancy: 82.8 (tie)

Couple enjoying tapas in Spain.  Great Life Expectancy

Eat, drink, and dance your way through a nice long life in the sunshine of Spain! Life in Spain is laidback, relaxed, and oh-so enjoyable. There’s a reason why Spain welcomes more tourists than most other countries. Although Spain’s economy took a hit a few years back, it has recently rebounded and is steadily growing. The Spanish have an impressive healthcare system and a positive outlook on life.  With a relatively low cost of living your money can go a bit further here.  Complete with beaches, mountains, culture, scenery and a great party atmosphere, Spain truly has it all.

Key points:

Temperament. The Spanish tend to move at leisurely pace. This is no place for rushing.

Food. Spanish cuisine is known around the world. Must tries include: paella, croquetas, pulpo (octopus), and patatas bravas (potatoes in 2 delectable sauces).

Culture. The Moorish influence in Spain is best exhibited throughout the south of Spain in the Andalusian region. Throughout the country you will find ancient aqueducts, museums, art, and a whole lot of flamenco.

To find out how you can live in Spain visit our Spain page.

3. Singapore. Life expectancy: 83.1

Singaporean family in a park.  Great Life Expectancy

In this Asian city-state, the rate of innovation will surprise and delight you. Singapore was the first Asian country to sign a free trade agreement with the EU, leading to steady economic growth which continues to rise. Living conditions are great and business opportunities are a continual draw for expats from far and wide. Are you an English speaker? One of the main languages spoken in Singapore is English and nearly everyone speaks it well. With a large expat community and plenty of opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry, Singapore is great place to live and grow old.

Key points:

Accessibility. Singapore has become more and more accessible as its economy grows. (Their airport is also like a little city in itself!) You can pop over to many other Asian and European countries easily with constant outbound flights.

Food. This multicultural hub will give you access to every food you could imagine.

Cost of Living. With all of the business and innovation it has to offer, Singapore has become a rather expensive place to live. However, the quality of life is also very, very high.

To find out how you can live in Singapore visit our Singapore page.

2. Switzerland. Life Expectancy: 83.4

Family skiing in Zermatt Switzerland.  Great Life Expectancy

Switzerland is a happy country who boast beautiful mountains, lucrative banks, and incredible chocolate. In addition to being the country with the 2nd highest life expectancy, they also rank first in quality of life. However, you may want to consider saving some pennies before heading there. Switzerland is also the 2nd most expensive place to live in the world, and ranks first in disposable income. Perhaps their high quality of life comes from their successful banks or their lack of a national army. Or perhaps it’s the precedence they put on environment protection or the accessibility of travel. Whatever it is, Switzerland holds a place in nearly all of the ‘best of’ lists.

Temperament. The Swiss are known for being a very happy group of people. They speak multiple languages and are willing to lend a helping hand.

Healthcare. No need to worry if you get a runny nose, Switzerland offers universal healthcare.

Work. If you find a job in Switzerland’s rich economy, you can expect holiday time galore in addition to many other benefits. Work to live, don’t live to work!

To find out how you can live in Switzerland visit our Switzerland page.

1. Japan. Life Expectancy: 83.7  

Japanese scene in a market.  Rated Best Life Expectancy

Say Kon'nichiwa to a nice long life!

If you’re looking to experience a nice long life, Japan may be the place for you! Japan has the fourth largest global economy and is known around the world for all their impressive technological advances. With a deep culture and a fascinating history, Japan is a place where boredom doesn’t come easy. In Japan, you can enjoy beautiful Cherry Blossoms in the spring, snow falls in the winter, and fresh sushi all year round.

Japan is bizarre and amazing at the same time offering new adventures and cool discoveries every day. Expect the unexpected.

Key points:

Work. Japan is a very traditional place and doing business requires some cultural awareness to make sure things go smoothly. The Japanese rely heavily on context and being too direct can give the wrong impression. Cultural sensitivity can go a long way.

Temperament. Japan is a very safe place to both life and travel. It consistently ranks within the top 10 safest countries in the world. The Japanese are also known for being extremely generous.

Food. From the strange to the delightful, keep an open mind. There’s plenty of delicacies to try that cannot be found anywhere else!

Healthcare. Japan offers a hybrid of both public and private healthcare keeping service high and costs low.

To find out how you can live in Japan visit our Japan page.

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