Destination Profile - France

Destination Profile - France

Whether you love picturesque villages, feel home on a hilly countryside or a bustling metropolis is your scene: France has got your back. With a magnificent cuisine, the EU’s third highest GDP and basically an entire continent at your doorstep this country has got a great deal to offer.  

With many benefits for those seeking new opportunities France isn’t just a great location to live but also a fantastic place to work. In fact, it’s one of the world’s leading countries that make it easy for entrepreneurs to start a business. It’s simple and efficient and has lead to many expats taking the plunge.  

But working for a firm also has its perks. Many employers will set you up with health insurance or offer you to take part in a collective plan that will save you money. In 2000 France adopted the 35-hour workweek and although securing a permanent contract may not be the easiest thing, getting fired isn’t that simple either as employees have a lot of rights to fall back on.  

Many young French leave the country to explore the world, which leaves vacancies for qualified workers from abroad. English-speaking immigrants definitely have an advantage here and there are lots of opportunities to grab.  


  • People speak French and it is advisable to take a course to learn this language because only about 40% of the population speaks English.  

  • Going out for lunch with colleagues? Drinking a glass of wine during your midday break is entirely normal.  

  • France has got 11 public holidays a year, on top of five weeks vacation. This means you’ll have about 7 weeks paid holidays annually.  

  • The national motto liberté, égalité, fraternité means ‘freedom, equality and brotherhood’. 

  • Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, can be found in the French Alps and reaches 4808 metres.  

  • The French gastronomy received UNESCO World Heritage status.  

  • France is famous for its cheese, wine and baguette but don’t forget the snails, crepes and macarons.  




  • The country is home to world’s second largest train system and trains are fast, really fast. Going from Paris to London or Amsterdam will only take you three hours.  

To see further information on France and compare things like Cost of Living to other countries, go to our explore page.

Moving to France

Are you from Europe? Your EU citizenship will make it easy for you to move to France and if you’re from the European Economic Area, you’ll have no problem getting in either.  

Non-EU inhabitants have to apply for a long stay visa prior to moving to France and need a work permit before they can legally start working. Having this permit will also make it easier for your family to move with you. Check your eligibility on the government’s website which has a clear overview of different visas and application procedures. 

In 2016 France introduced the ‘Talent Passport’, a multi-year residence permit for skilled foreigners, but investors and people having a contract with a France based employer can also apply.  

Use our handy tool here to see if you can live in France

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