Migrants making a difference in Canada

Migrants making a difference in Canada

Canada has a great record of immigrant success and this is no coincidence. A welcoming government and clear policies for integration have Canada ranked 6th in the Migrant Integration Policy Index of 2015. This effort is rewarded by the migrants who come to Canada making a great contribution to their new home. With Canada having a full 20% of its citizens foreign born it is a powerful statement of how a well-run immigration policy can help to build a nation, and with a growing and changing economy the need for hardworking skilled immigrants will keep growing. Here are just some of the great success stories of Canadian immigration.

1.      Leen Al Zaiback, Syria 

One of these Canadian immigration success stories is that of Leen Al Zaiback who moved from Syria to Canada with her family after receiving a family visa when she was much younger. She went on to get her master’s degree in International relations. She has been active in helping Syrian refugees and other immigrants get settled in Canada. Syrian children now have the opportunity to attend schools partly because of her efforts. According to Leen Al Zaibak, everyone comes from somewhere and our responsibility as members of the human race is to assist others who deserve the same quality of life and rights that Canada offers. 

  1. Harjit Sjjan, India 

When he was only five years old, Harjit Sajjan and his family were granted migration citizenship and allowed to immigrate to Canada from India. Harjit rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel after growing up in British Columbia. At the end of 2015, he was appointed by then Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Canada’s defence minister.  Sajjan was honoured as one of the leading Canadian immigrants of 2016 for his accomplishments and contributions to Canada’s national security. 

  1. Josephine Etowa, Nigeria 

Almost twenty five years ago, Josephine Etowa was granted migration citizenship from Nigeria to Canada. She was a single mother who benefited from Canada’s exceptional education system earning herself bachelors, masters and PhD degrees in nursing. Presently, she is a professor at the University of Ottawa and has carried out studies on inequalities in the healthcare industry. This way, she has been able to give back to her new country by working to improve the healthcare system in Canada and universally especially for disadvantaged inhabitants. Her efforts to make the world and Canada a better place to live in did not go unrecognized as she was among the top twenty five immigrants to be recognized by Canadian Immigrant magazine and RBC. 

These are only but a few examples of the many people who immigrate to Canada, attain success and help make the multiracial country to be ranked as one of the most favorite places to live on the planet. The Immigrant Investor Program in Canada aims to have experienced business persons contribute to Canada’s growth by investing in its economy. Investment visas are granted to individuals who wish to invest in the country. This is a way of buying citizenship. Persons who participate in CIIP can immigrate successfully to Canada. CIIP teaches them the importance of highlighting their transferrable skills where they can get jobs not necessarily in their line of work but can act as a stepping stone to finding a job in their fields. CIIP links immigrants with employment mentors who offer employment and settlement advice. 


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