What our clients say

What our clients say

Here at wherecani.live, we help people to discover a new life abroad. But who are our clients and what are they thinking? Where do people want to live?  Have a read through lots of interesting statistics and the views of our 2018 visitors.

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We have had visitors from Aruba to Zambia and everything in between. In fact we had visitors from 89% of the 195 member countries of the United Nations – we’ll need to visit Fiji next to make sure they hear about us !

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Almost 30% were “3rd Culture kids”, these are people born in a different country to both their parents. Even more surprising to us was that just 40% of our customers are born in the same country as both parents. These statistics just reinforce how much the world’s barriers are coming down and people’s ability to travel, work, fall in love, and raise families in a country other than the one they are born in grows.

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It seems that 5% more men are moving and settling abroad and starting families than woman who are more likely to stay in their country of birth and start families. We wondered if traditional gender expectations about travel and work played a large role in this, and will this change significantly over time?  Or do woman also stay closer to their own families than men in general?  Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.   

The age of our users also backed up our observation that there is no right time to start your adventure. People across the age spectrum are actively investigating their options for a new life. The motivations of the 13% of under 25s may have a different focus to that of the 15% of over 55s but we believe that a thirst for adventure and dreaming of what lies beyond the horizon is not age specific.

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Is taking the first steps to a new life in a new country only for the rich? Not at all. So why do we ask how much money you have available to invest in your new home country? We ask this question as many countries offer citizenship and residency by investment. Having money to invest in your new home does open options, but it is by no means your only pathway. Almost 40% of our users have under USD$50,000 to invest. Those 8% with more than $USD500,000 will have some additional golden visa options available to them.

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How many countries would you be able to access? Have a look at the spread of results that people receive and see where you would fit in. More than 50% of our users have access to over 15 countries, and that is a statistic we find very exciting!

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And where would they like to live? We were surprised by some of these results but here is our Top 20 with the United Kingdom coming in at number 1, followed by Canada, the USA, Germany and Australia.

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We also looked at where people wanted to retire to by looking at dream destinations for the over 55 age group. We got the same number 1, but a very different top 15. The sunshine and cost of living of Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other countries make them very appealing to those looking at retirement or second life stage careers.

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The top 3 home countries for our users are the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia. There were big differences in where these people dream of living. Interestingly, all three countries had the other two in their top 10. Seems just because you live where others dream of doesn’t mean you don’t dream of a new life too!

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We love knowing that we help people opn the road to making their dreams come true. We feel we really got to know the Where Can I Live community much better, and we hope you found this as interesting as we did.

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