A total of seven emirates form the UAE, each of them having different characteristics and offering interesting opportunities for immigrants. Famous for its oil, of course, but there’s more to the UAE, a lot more. Which explains why 87% of the people living here are foreigners.

And more than half of everyone living in the UAE is under the age of 25, showing how many young people have already taken the opportunity to move to a promising place. The UAE has been doing great for decades and that can be seen everywhere; the hotels, the palm islands, the rapid development but also progressive projects like world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste and car-free city Masdar in Abu Dhabi.

The economy in the UAE is doing well and unemployment rates are low and still dropping. It’s also important that everyone feels good and there is even a Minister of Happiness. Health care is well arranged and generally people are really satisfied with their job and living situation. And last but not least, you are surrounded by experts in different fields from all over the world, making the UAE a great place to learn and develop your skills and knowledge.



Federation with specified powers delegated to the uae federal government and other powers reserved to member emirates





Population Density

112 per square km

Note: United Arab Emirates may not allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship. For more information check out this overview.

United Arab Emirates Citizenship

Through your family:

  • If one or more of your parents were citizens of the United Arab Emirates when you were born, you may be considered a national of UAE.
  • If your spouse is a citizen of the UAE, you can make a declaration to the Ministry of Interior to acquire nationality.  You need to be a resident of the UAE three years after the declaration is made and you need to renounce your original nationality.
  • If your child is a citizen or permanent resident of the UAE, they can sponsor you to reside in the UAE

Quality of Life

Rank: 18

Cost of Living

Rank: 31


Rank: 5

Average Temp.


Rank: 20

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The passport for the UAE allows you to travel to 149 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 42.

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