This is the country that has already proven to be a paradise on earth for countless immigrants from all over the world. It’s sunny, it’s relaxed and everything you need is right there on the island. Nearly half of the population was born abroad or has a parent who isn’t an Aussie native so you will definitely not be the first to find your new home down under and blending in won’t be a problem in this melting pot of nationalities.

‘Laid back’ is a term that was invented by the Aussies; people who are world famous for being fun, friendly and know how to enjoy life. Workplaces can be less formal than in other countries and hierarchy is much less important. New or junior team members are expected to have their say, and will expect to be heard. Socialising after work with colleagues is often a part of work culture and isn’t just for Fridays. Australians approach most situations with a good dose of humour, but are generally open minded and accepting. The country also has more  rules and regulations than some other countries, but those aim to keep Australia a happy place for everyone.

Not just the relaxed work atmosphere and leisure activities make Australia a good place to settle. The economy has been remarkably robust over the last 20 years and it wasn’t nearly as affected by the financial crisis as most other countries. Where other nations are struggling, Australia is still one of the happiest places in the world to live.

An Immigrant's Guide to Integration: What to Expect When Moving to Australia

Released in January 2018, this book is written by someone who has been an expat in Australia. It starts by helping you understand what Australia is like before you move there. Then once you are on your way it guides you through getting a job, dealing with loneliness, understanding the Australian culture and lots of other great information. A must for someone contemplating a move or already in Australia.
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Australia Residency


Australia and New Zealand have the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement which means that Kiwis can live and work freely in Australia.  For those from other countries there is a range of visas that enable you to live in Australia.  Most of the visa options also allow you to bring your immediate family to the country and in some cases other family members too.  Below are a few of the options available:


  • If you maintain a designated investment of AUD $1,5 million for four years, you may be eligible for an Australian Investor Visa
  • If you maintain a designated investment of AUD $5 million for four years, you may be eligible for the Significant Investor Stream
  • If you maintain a designated investment of AUD $15 million for four years, you may be eligible for the Premium Investor Stream

Business Innovation

If you intend on owning your own business in Australia and participating at a senior level in the day-to-day management, you may be eligible for the Business innovation visa.  You need to score at least 65 on the points test, provide proof of your business success (annual turnover, ownership stake).  In addition, you, your partner, or you and your partner together, have total net business and personal assets of at least AUD800,000

Startup Visa

You must:

  • be nominated by an eligible government organisation
  • be invited to apply for the visa
  • have experience in owning and operating a business (Business Innovation stream) or
  • have at least AUD1.5 million to invest (Investor stream) or
  • have at least AUD5 million to invest (Significant Investor stream) or
  • have at least AUD15 million to invest (Premium Investor stream)
  • meet additional requirements of the relevant stream.

Work or Business Visa

  • Australia has a skilled migration program based on their current regional resource requirements.  The first step in applying is to complete an Expression of Interest in their online system, Skillselect.  After that you may be invited to apply for one of their skilled migration visas.  Your occupation needs to be on their skilled occupation list and is dependent on the type of visa that you are applying for.  Have a look here to see if you are eligible 
  • If you have needed and recognised qualifications, skills or experience, an Australian business or government department may sponsor you.

Through your Family

  • If your adult child is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand, you may apply for a parental visa.  You need to have a sponsor, meet age requirements and pass the balance of family test.  The balance of family test is designed to determine the extent of your links to Australia.  There are a few different visas as follows:
    • Aged Parent Visa is a permanent residency visa however the waiting times can be up to 30 years.
    • Contributory Parent Visas.  There are temporary and permanent visa options.  The processing times are a lot faster that the Aged Parent visa however these visas are quite costly in comparison.
  • If you are in a de facto relationship or married to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen, you can apply for a partner visa
  • A child visa is available for children of parents who are Australian permanent residents or citizens.
  • See the citizenship section below for more information on residency or citizenship based on your descent.

Working Holiday Visa

  • This visa is for young people between the age of  19 and 31 years to travel and work in Australia for up to one year.  Click here or a list of eligible countries.

Student Visa

There are a number of different visas allowing you to study and live in Australia.  You can find these here


GDP Per Capita
$67,036  (Rank: 9)
Disposable Income
$3,781  (Rank: 10)
Life Expectancy
82.80  (Rank: 5)
Education Index
93.00%  (Rank: 1)
Corruption Index
79%  (Rank: 13)
Murders Per Year
229  (Rank: 98)
Crime Index
42.42  (Rank: 57)
Environmental Protection
82.40%  (Rank: 3)
Gender Equality
72.10%  (Rank: 46)
Annual Tourists
6,868,000  (Rank: 43)


Federal parliamentary democracy and a commonwealth realm





Population Density

3 per square km

Australia Citizenship

You may be eligible for citizenship if you meet any of the below requirements:

Citizenship by descent or birth

  • If either of your parents was Australian when you were born
  • If you were born in Australia

Citizenship by naturalisation

  • If you have been lawfully resident in Australia from 1 July 2007 for four years you can apply for citizenship through naturalization. The "lawfully resident" test could be satisfied by a student visa or tourist visa or work visa, but the applicant must:
    • have been in Australia for 12 months as a permanent resident,
    • have had absences from Australia of no more than twelve months (total) in the previous four years, including no more than three months (total) in the 12 months before applying,
    • have not been unlawfully in Australia at any time in the four years preceding application,
    • Children aged under 18 can be included in the application of a responsible parent. The standard residence requirements do not apply to such children.
  • If you have been lawfully resident in Australia before 1 July 2007 for a total of two years in the five years before application or have been present in Australia for a total of 12 months in the two years before application.

Citizenship through country agreements

  • If you were born in Papua New Guinea on or before September 16, 1975
  • If you are a New Zealand Citizen who was living in Australia on 26th February 2001 or for a year in the 2 years prior to that date, you are probably eligible for Australian citizenship.  


Quality of Life

Rank: 2

Cost of Living

Rank: 12


Rank: 57

Average Temp.


Rank: 100

Resources & Links

Official Australian Immigration Website

ImmiAccount - the online system to lodge an application for a visa or citizenship


The passport for Australia allows you to travel to 157 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 24.

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