Canada is famous for its rough nature and modern cities and you’d surely know this place too from their reputation of being one of the happiest spots in the world to live.  In fact, according to The Economist's Global Liveability Ranking 2017, three of the top 10 liveable cities in the world are in Canada. 

Canada is among the wealthiest societies in the world and the high standard of living, low unemployment rates and a growing economy make it a solid place for a fresh start. And with about 20% of the population being born abroad, you’ll have no trouble blending in.  

‘A great place to invest’ according to the Prime Minister and with a focus on moving forward, Canada invites immigrants to take the ‘Canadian Opportunity’. A move that could not just benefit your own career because with a great reputation when it comes to education, living in Canada also contributes to your children’s future.  

With costs of living being 9.3% lower than its US neighbours, high purchasing power and the standard income above the OECD average a Canadian life looks prosperous. Not to mention other great benefits of living in this Northern region such as a healthy, spacious living environment and stunning landscapes that offer boundless outdoor lifestyle opportunities. 

Canada Residency

The number of people moving to Canada is on the rise. With the processing time of permanent residence programs decreasing and a liberal government supporting immigrants, the future looks bright for those seeking to move to this promising country.  

Here are some of the ways to live in Canada:


  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program (IIVC) - This is an at-risk investment (non-guaranteed) of CDN $2 million into the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Fund for permanent residency in Canada.  Proceeds will depend on the fund's performance and will be based on its gains or losses, including expenses and fees incurred to manage it.  The investment needs to be for approximately 15 years and you need to have a net worth of at least CAD $10 million.
  • You may be eligible for permanent residency in Canada if you invest CAD $800,000 in the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP).  It will be used for projects to develop the Canadian economy and create jobs for five years. Your investment will be returned, without interest, about five years and three months after payment.  You need to show that you have sufficient business experience and a net worth of at least C$1,6 million.

Through your family

  • If your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you are probably eligible for residency.  
  • If your adult child is a citizen or permanent resident of this country, you may apply for a parent residency visa.
  • See the citizenship section below for more information on residency or citizenship based on your descent.

Skilled Visa Program

Canada has an Express Entry system to evaluate candidates for their Skilled Visa Program.  Applicants must complete an online profile, and submit and expression of interest before applying for their visa.  You can apply under 3 programs as follows:

  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for people who want to apply based on being qualified in a skilled trade.
  • The Federal Skilled Workers Program is for people who want to apply based on their experience and skills.  Have a look at the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list to see if your occupation is listed and how it is 
  • The Canadian Experience Class where you need to have Canadian skilled work experience within three years of applying. 

Start-up Visa Program

Canada's Start-up Visa Program is for entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build new and innovative businesses in Canada that will provide local jobs.  To qualify, you need to get support for a designated list of organisations.

Self Employed

If you have experience and intend on buying and managing a farm in Canada or have the relevant experience to contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada, you may be eligible for this visa for self employed people

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

You may be eligible for a job and residency where there are labour gaps in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland and Labrador.

Student Permit

You can apply for a student permit if you intend on studying in designated learning institutions.  Click here for the list.

Working Holiday Visa

International Experience Canada has agreements with 33 countries around the world enabling people between the ages of 18-30 or 18-35 the opportunity to travel and work in Canada.


GDP Per Capita
$52,219  (Rank: 13)
Disposable Income
$2,774  (Rank: 25)
Life Expectancy
82.20  (Rank: 12)
Education Index
85.00%  (Rank: 15)
Corruption Index
82%  (Rank: 9)
Murders Per Year
554  (Rank: 122)
Crime Index
39.25  (Rank: 48)
Environmental Protection
73.14%  (Rank: 24)
Gender Equality
73.10%  (Rank: 35)
Annual Tourists
16,537,000  (Rank: 17)


A parliamentary democracy, a federation, and a constitutional monarchy


English, French (both official)



Population Density

4 per square km

Canada Citizenship

Here are some of the ways to get citizenship in Canada

  • If one or both of your parents were citizens when you were born.
  • If your spouse is a citizen of Canada, you can apply for citizenship after being resident in Canada for a period of 6 years.  
  • If you were born in Canada, you are most likely a Canadian citizen.
  • You meet the citizenship requirements to become naturalised.  The residency requirements are:
    • You need to have been resident in Canada for 1,460 days during the six years right before the date you sign your application
    • You need to have been resident in Canada for 183 days during each of four calendar years that are fully or partially within the six years right before the date you apply

Quality of Life

Rank: 9

Cost of Living

Rank: 27


Rank: 48

Average Temp.


Rank: 190

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The passport for Canada allows you to travel to 159 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 19.

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