Here is a country that has grown drastically in almost every area possible over the past few decades. China is huge and so are the opportunities that lie there.

In many places the cost of living is still cheap and much of the country’s authenticity is still intact. China is simply adding things. Things like malls, skyscrapers and entire cities. All these developments make China an interesting place to live for foreigners. It has a rich and traditional culture, yet most Western conveniences are widely available.

Local food is amazing and the landscape, partly due to the size of the country, is so diverse you’ll need years and years to explore it all. Snowy mountains, palaces and beaches; it doesn't matter what you have in mind for your leisure time; you probably won’t have to leave the country to find it. 

The country’s strong, hierarchical culture can also by found at work. Your Chinese boss is probably not used to being questioned by someone younger and giving suggestions and ideas in a way that’s not offensive can be an interesting challenge. It’s important to ask a lot of questions and keep a close eye on the work that needs to be done, never assume anything.

China Residency

The official Chinese government’s website offers a clear overview of all the steps involved in applying for a work permit. Foreign experts can work and live in China if they’re considered ‘important’ for the development of the country. A number of different professions are needed, such as technical, medical, educational and financial personnel, but also scientists and managers. 

All these professions are divided into three categories of foreign experts; cultural and educational, economic and technical, and managerial. For every category there is a different visa application process. Permits in all three categories become invalid when the work contract expires or if the permit doesn’t have the mandated yearly inspection. 

Here are some of the ways to live in China:

  • If your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of China, you are probably eligible for residency. Please note that your status of spouse needs to be legally recognised in this country.

GDP Per Capita
$6,188  (Rank: 83)
Disposable Income
$731  (Rank: 88)
Life Expectancy
76.10  (Rank: 53)
Education Index
61.00%  (Rank: 109)
Corruption Index
40%  (Rank: 82)
Murders Per Year
13,410  (Rank: 190)
Crime Index
33.90  (Rank: 34)
Environmental Protection
43.00%  (Rank: 118)
Gender Equality
67.60%  (Rank: 97)
Annual Tourists
55,622,000  (Rank: 4)


Communist state


Mandarin Chinese



Population Density

148 per square km

Note: China may not allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship. For more information check out this overview.

China Citizenship

Here are some of the ways to become a citizen in China:

  • If one or both of your parents were Chinese nationals (including Hong Kong) when you were born, you may be a citizen of China.  It should be noted that you cannot apply for citizenship if either of your parents have settled overseas. Dual nationality is also not allowed.

Quality of Life

Rank: 49

Cost of Living

Rank: 75


Rank: 34

Average Temp.


Rank: 170

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