Ocean lovers and sun admirers who dream of living a Caribbean island dream find an affordable paradise in Grenada where they can enjoy a slower pace of life in a place that is not flooded by tourists, but beautiful nonetheless. 

Accommodation on the island is affordable, local food cheap and Grenada offers a lot of diversity for its size. The island produces and exports food, spices and textiles and tourism is also a major aspect of the local economy. English as the official language makes it convenient for many foreigners to get around.

Career opportunities can mainly be found in hospitality, as tourism is an important source of income for the island. When doing business in Grenada, keep in mind that you are on a Caribbean island and the pace of things, including business, can be slower than in other places. 

Be patient and realise it might take a while before you come to an agreement and don’t forget that bargaining is also part of the process. Being late in work situations is not done, but in social situations this is very common. Address work relations by their last name and when given a business card treat it with respect and look at it before you put it away. 

Grenada Residency

Work Visa

All immigrants who want to move to Granada and work must apply for a work permit through the Grenadian Ministry of Labour. Work permits are valid for one year but can be renewed. A letter from an employer is needed to apply for a permit so it’s best to find a position before traveling to the country. 

It takes three to five weeks to process the work permit application and there are different permit fees depending on where you’re from, ranging from $37 to almost $2000 (USD). 

A few of the surrounding countries are exempt from needing a permit to work in Grenada. 

GDP Per Capita
$7,485  (Rank: 69)
Disposable Income
$1,250  (Rank: 60)
Life Expectancy
73.60  (Rank: 89)
Education Index
72.00%  (Rank: 55)
Corruption Index
56%  (Rank: 46)
Murders Per Year
12  (Rank: 28)
Crime Index
Not available
Environmental Protection
35.24%  (Rank: 146)
Gender Equality
Not available
Annual Tourists
134,000  (Rank: 158)


Parliamentary democracy and a commonwealth realm


English (official), French patois



Population Density

317 per square km

Grenada Citizenship

Citizenship by Investment

  • If you contribute USD$200,000 or more to the National Transformation fund, you may apply for citizenship.  There are also government fees which vary depending on the size of your family.
  • If you invest USD$350,000 or more in an approved real estate project, you may apply for citizenship. There are also government fees which vary depending on the size of your family.

Quality of Life

Rank: None

Cost of Living

Rank: None


Rank: None

Average Temp.


Rank: 29
Note: Results of 0% usually indicate stats are not available for this country / category.

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The passport for Grenada allows you to travel to 125 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 66.

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