A place that makes the top ten richest destinations in the world and the top fifteen most developed nations on the planet. Hong Kong’s economy can take a punch and has shown how strong it is. Low corruption and high transparency create the perfect environment for markets to flourish and entrepreneurs to take action. Low income tax means there is more money left to enjoy everything this place has got to offer. 

Most expats live in the city, which is vibrant, energetic and perhaps a little crazy. Traffic and street food remind you that you’re in a busy Asian city, but education and health care are of the highest standards. It has one of the lowest crime rates worldwide and public transport is excellent. 

Hong Kong celebrates life in every way possible. The city is home to 15,000 restaurants that feed seven million people food from all over the world. It has a party area with options for everyone; sports bars, karaoke, nightclubs and much more. Hong Kong is a modern city in many ways, but a strong culture and old traditions can clearly be seen through the 1,251 skyscrapers. Hong Kong even has Disneyland, hiking trails and for a weekend of gambling you can take the boat to casino paradise Macau. 

Hong Kong Residency

Through investment:

  • Visas are available for those wishing to start a business in Hong Kong.  This is called an Investment as an Entrepeneur visa.  You need to prepare a business plan showing amongst other things, how you will invest in the economy and create local jobs.

Through work:

  • According to Hong Kong’s ‘General Employment Police’, foreigners who possess skills, experience or knowledge that is not yet available in the HKSAR can apply for a work permit. Having a degree is one of the requirements, as well as an offer from an employer and a police check. It usually doesn’t take longer than four weeks before the Immigration Department has processed the application. 
  • Different policies apply for people from China and a number of other countries and there are family visa options for spouses and children under the age of eighteen.

Through your family

  • If your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of Hong Kong, you are probably eligible for residency. Please note that your status of spouse needs to be legally recognised in this country.
  • If your child is a citizen or permanent resident of Hong Kong, they can sponsor you to live in Hong Kong

Youth Mobility Visa:

  • If you are an Australian or UK citizen between the ages of 18-30, you may be eligible under the Working Holiday Maker programme. 

GDP Per Capita
$36,796  (Rank: 30)
Disposable Income
$2,496  (Rank: 34)
Life Expectancy
Not available
Education Index
77.00%  (Rank: 40)
Corruption Index
77%  (Rank: 16)
Murders Per Year
17  (Rank: 33)
Crime Index
20.68  (Rank: 6)
Environmental Protection
Not available
Gender Equality
Not available
Annual Tourists
27,770,000  (Rank: 11)


Limited democracy


Chinese (mainly Cantonese), English (both official)



Population Density

7,050 per square km

Hong Kong Citizenship

Here are some of the ways to get citizenship in Hong Kong:

  • If one or both of your parents were Chinese nationals (including Hong Kong) when you were born, you may be a citizen of China.  It should be noted that you cannot apply for citizenship if either of your parents have settled overseas. Dual nationality is also not allowed.

Quality of Life

Rank: 10

Cost of Living

Rank: 13


Rank: 6

Average Temp.

Not available

Rank: None

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The passport for Hong Kong allows you to travel to 146 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 46.

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