This relatively small Central-American country may be easily overlooked; that would be a mistake as it offers great opportunities for immigrants looking for adventure and a big change in their lives. 

The country is home to beautiful reefs and national parks, Mayan ruins and ancient cities. There are diving and snorkelling opportunities and you can go hiking, fishing and rafting in one of Honduras’ protected ecosystems that are also home to some historical sites. And if you live in the big city, there are many beautiful islands to escape to. English is widely spoken on these Bay islands, Spanish elsewhere and medical care is available in larger cities. 

Moving to Honduras will be a big change for most people; the pace of life is generally slower and perfect for those seeking to escape a busy life back home. The cost of living is also much lower than in many other places and most immigrants can live a very comfortable life in Honduras. 

Get yourself familiar with local customs and culture before doing business with locals. Meetings are generally informal and don’t follow an agenda. Hondurans build relationships of trust before they do business, so invest time and effort into getting to know people first.

Honduras Residency

Immigrants, who want to move to Honduras to work need a work permit and in order to get one, find a company that is willing to ‘sponsor’ them. This sponsorship is tied to one employer and position, so when you change jobs your work permit will become invalid and a new one has to be applied for. 

There are many local companies that help immigrants get a work permit by sponsoring their stay and making it a lot easier to switch jobs. 

GDP Per Capita
$2,335  (Rank: 124)
Disposable Income
$523  (Rank: 114)
Life Expectancy
74.60  (Rank: 77)
Education Index
51.00%  (Rank: 131)
Corruption Index
30%  (Rank: 125)
Murders Per Year
7,104  (Rank: 182)
Crime Index
78.34  (Rank: 123)
Environmental Protection
48.87%  (Rank: 97)
Gender Equality
69.00%  (Rank: 78)
Annual Tourists
868,000  (Rank: 116)


Democratic constitutional republic


Spanish, indigenous languages, English



Population Density

74 per square km

Note: Honduras may not allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship. For more information check out this overview.

Honduras Citizenship

Here are some of the ways to get citizenship in Honduras:

  • If one or both of your parents were citizens when you were born, you are probably also a citizen.

Quality of Life

Rank: None

Cost of Living

Rank: 64


Rank: 123

Average Temp.


Rank: 85
Note: Results of 0% usually indicate stats are not available for this country / category.

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