More than half of America does not own a passport. Why is that?  Simple, they don’t feel the need to leave and they don’t want to.  Progression, innovation and science has been the pride of the USA for the last century.  Many consider the USA the ‘promised land’ and dream of moving to the country of Hollywood and American football. 

The United States is diverse with more immigrants than any other country in the world by far - 47 million in 2015** and there are countless reasons why people choose the USA as their home. They want to live in freedom, practice their religion freely, and simply to make better lives for themselves and their children.  Having the largest national economy in the world, the US offers migrants the opportunity to achieve their dreams and experience the American way of life.  For many it has been a place where an ordinary person can build a great career and be successful. 


United States Residency

The best known way to get residency in the USA is the Green Card.  A Green Card can be obtained in three different ways. The first one is through a family member and the second option is getting an employment based Green Card. 

The third way of getting a Green Card is by participating in the annual Green Card diversity lottery. Make sure you take our quick quiz below to see if you qualify!

Work and Business Visas

There are a number of employment based immigrant visas available.  There are five categories of visa as follows. Spouses and children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants:

  • E1 - E3 are visas for those with talents, skills or education needed by an employer in the USA.  They all have different requirements but all need your employer to initially file paperwork. Under certain circumstances the E2 can include startup founders.
  • E4 visa is for Certain Special Immigrants subgroups such as ministers of religion, broadcasters, translators etc.  
  • E5 visa - If you invest $1,000,000 in a commercial enterprise in the United States and plan to create or preserve at least 10 full time jobs, you can apply for a Green Card through Investment.  In a targeted employment area  you need to only invest $500,000 or more.

Through your family

  • If your spouse or fiance is a citizen or permanent resident of the USA, you are probably eligible for residency.  Click here for further details
  • Family sponsorship is available for the parent, child, brother or sister of a US citizen.
  • See the citizenship section below for more information on residency or citizenship based on your descent.

Diversity Visa

The Diversity visa is for immigrants from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States. A limited number of visas are available each fiscal year. 

Trainee and Exchange Visas

The US offer numerous visas for young adults over the age of 18 to work and travel in the US.  These range from au-pair visas, to teachers, to interns and even a general working holiday visa if you come from certain countries.  

Student Visas

Hundreds of thousands of students study in the US every year.  You can apply for a student visa to study in a US High School, University or college.


GDP Per Capita
$49,965  (Rank: 16)
Disposable Income
$3,259  (Rank: 13)
Life Expectancy
79.30  (Rank: 31)
Education Index
89.00%  (Rank: 4)
Corruption Index
74%  (Rank: 18)
Murders Per Year
12,996  (Rank: 188)
Crime Index
48.76  (Rank: 73)
Environmental Protection
67.52%  (Rank: 33)
Gender Equality
72.20%  (Rank: 45)
Annual Tourists
75,011,000  (Rank: 2)


Constitution-based federal republic; strong democratic tradition





Population Density

36 per square km

United States Citizenship

Here are some ways to get citizenship in the USA

  • If you were born in the USA, you are most likely a US citizen.
  • If you were born in a USA territory or outlying possession of the USA, you are most likely a US citizen
  • If one or both of you parents were US citizens at the time of your birth, you may be eligible to become a US citizen.  There are many rules that apply related to whether you are a citizen through your parents.  Use our smart wizard to determine your eligibility.

Quality of Life

Rank: 16

Cost of Living

Rank: 18


Rank: 73

Average Temp.


Rank: 158

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The passport for the United States allows you to travel to 160 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 11.

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